C.S.C. was founded in 1919 under the name of C.V.T.B.S. Then in 1923 the “vereniging” C.S.C. was established to manage the club activities while C.V.T.B.S. remained as the owner of the building. This was done for various reasons, the main one having to do with financing and the ability to issue bonds and contract loans.

The first club building was in a house on the Bargestraat, which was approximately where the viaduct from the Juliana bridge now crosses the Scharlooweg and Bargestraat. It’s on the left-hand side of the current Central Bank building. Next to the building were 2 tennis courts, which were subsequently expanded to 4 courts over the years. It was a very “gezellig” old club where most of the youth of those days spent their free time and played various sports in addition to tennis, including ping-pong, volleyball, fencing, korfball, basketball and later bowling. This “gezellige” sphere theme came up repeatedly, when interviewing those who remember the original CSC !!

On the empty lot next to the old building was an open field called “atletiek-veld”, where a variety of other sports were played, such as soccer, hockey and athletics. This was later converted to a playground for kids with swings and other such items.

After the 2nd World War the club grew with leaps and bounds and in 1949 the first stone was laid for a new building by the then Miss CSC, Marlene Knoot-Capriles, right next to the old building. The architect was Ben Smit and the construction was in the hands of Ad van der Kwast. In 1950 the new building was inaugurated. A few years later a 2-lane bowling alley was constructed in back of the building, at that time the first and only bowling alley on the island. The “old-timers” surely remember Cai Sterling and Wawa, the waiters who both also acted not only as bar-tenders, but also as supervisors of the kids.

In the 1960’s many families had moved to the suburbs and Scharloo was no longer the center of activities, reason why a new location was found for a new building in Cas Cora at the Chuchubiweg, where the club is currently still located. This building was also designed by Ben Smit. It was inaugurated in 1964 with 6 tennis courts and 2 bowling (manual) lanes.

After Watapana Bowling in Zuikertuintje closed its doors in the 1970’s our bowling alley was expanded and automated from 2 lanes to 6 lanes, using their equipment received from Mr. T. Hofland as a gift from Watapana, which regretfully stopped operations in 2003.

The front of the premises was used as a hockey field for many years. Currently there are talks with the Hockey Federation to return to CSC. Also there is a small “kancha di bolas criollas” on the right-hand side of the parking lot which is currently used for “ue de Boules”.

The current board of CVTBS consists of:
• Anthony C. Henriquez - Director
• Ramfis Gonzalez - Chairman of the Board
• Ivan Moreno Jr. - Board member
• President of CSC - Board member

There are many plans being evaluated for the future, a. o. a new illuminated hockey field, a new swimming pool and additional tennis courts.

We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt congratulations for this incredible milestone and are assured that CSC has a brilliant future ahead.